Cool Tech Tools: ChatGPT

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  June 1, 2023
Category: Business Tips
The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been in the news quite a bit recently, and one of the reasons is the launch of an AI chatbot called ChatGPT. The GPT in ChatGPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer, which is a program that can realistically write like a human and interact in a conversational way. Basically, you can type in a complicated question, and ChatGPT will give you an amazingly lifelike, most-of-the-time accurate answer.  ChatGPT

5 Ways to an Accountant’s Heart

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  May 12, 2023
Category: Business Tips
In the last few years, the shortage of accounting professionals has grown tremendously, and many business owners are struggling to find reputable, quality accounting services. Prices for accounting services may have gone up due to this supply/demand imbalance, and they will keep going up for years to come– due to the shortage in accounting graduates and the overall pipeline. It makes sense to explore how to work better with your accountant as they become more
Being in business means taking a lot of risks, especially financially, and as an entrepreneur, you deserve to be rewarded for those risks. Your pay is just one of the many benefits of your self-employment. But it’s not like the pay you get as an employee; it needs to be more comprehensive than that.   Getting Paid The two major ways entrepreneurs can take money from their business is through draws or by receiving a paycheck. 

Cool Tech Tools: Drones

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  April 20, 2023
Drones were considered fun when they first came out, but they are far from toys. Drones have surprising benefits with extremely high return on investment to certain business owners. A drone is a robot that can fly and that is controlled by a remote device. The technology includes GPS (global positioning system) and built-in sensors. There are many benefits to using drones: They can go places where it might be dangerous for employees to access,

1099-K Reporting Changes

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  April 20, 2023
Category: Business Tips
For taxpayers collecting payments through a third-party payment platform (such as PayPal), the American Rescue Plan Act (the “Act”) established a major change to tax reporting rules to prevent businesses and contractors from hiding income through the receipt of electronic payments. Form 1099-K is the tax form issued by credit card companies and third-party payment processors to report payments made via debit card, credit card, stored value cards (like gift cards), and payment apps (like

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