Sometimes we just need to slow down. It could be our body telling us it needs a break. It could be our mind experiencing the first signs of burnout. Even if you own your own business, you are subject to burnout, especially if you are a people pleaser or say “yes” to everyone! But how do we do that? It might have been so long since we’ve changed our pace, we don’t know where to
Most small businesses own fixed assets, which include items like land, buildings, equipment, and automobiles. The investments of adding, replacing, or improving upon fixed assets is called capital expenditures (capex). It seems like there is never enough money for all the capital expenditures that need to be done in a business. To make the best spending decisions, the business owner needs to put processes in place for capex activities. The first step is to make

Five Ways to Welcome in a New Year: 2023

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  December 29, 2022
Category: Business Tips
A new year is a perfect time for a fresh start for you and your business. Here are five ways to welcome 2023 and make it your best year ever. Decide on a theme for 2023 Setting a theme for the year can help you remember what you want to focus on. Some examples of themes might be: Growth and improvements to your business. You can be specific, such as making your theme the year

Are Your Employees “Quiet Quitting?”

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  December 15, 2022
Category: Business Tips
“Quiet quitting” is a very new term in 2022 that refers to one or more employees who remain working, but only do the minimum job during regular work hours. They are done going the extra mile, they are done working overtime, they are likely done caring all that much, and they may also be quite burned out. The last three years have been anything but easy. Shortly after the closings occurred due to the pandemic,

What Is an Audit? 

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  December 1, 2022
Category: Business Tips
The word “audit” can be thrown around a lot in casual conversation. When an accounting professional uses it, it means something very specific. We’ll discuss this and other uses of the term “audit” in this article. Financial Audit A financial audit is an official service designed to inspect the accounting records, technology, and processes of an organization. An audit can only be conducted by a licensed CPA that is independent of the organization. Independence is

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