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Video creation has gotten so easy that just about anyone can do it. You no longer need professionals. You don’t even need video editing software with the long learning curve and high price tag. All you need is an app and your imagination. There are many reasons to create a video: Web pages that include video rank higher than those that don’t have video. People love to watch video; it’s more interesting than text. Video

What to Do When an Employee Is Terminated

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  September 10, 2020
Category: Business Tips
Every company should have a strict process to follow when an employee leaves the company, no matter what type of termination it is – voluntary or involuntary. Here’s a checklist you can use to compare to your own process so that you can either confirm you’re on the right track or add some ideas to improve your current methods. 1. Collect the resignation letter. While so many things are remote these days, you MUST get
The purpose of marketing is, in part, about creating relationships with customers and prospects. While traditional advertising is a standard way of letting prospects know more about you, it’s not always the most creative way to connect. To spice up your marketing, let’s explore six unusual ways to connect with customers. 1. Celebrate an obscure or fun holiday. For example, August 27 is National Just Because Day.  It’s a day to do random things, which
Paying bills is never fun, but paying bills you shouldn’t pay in the first place is even worse. There are many risks that can part a small business owner with their hard-earned cash, and here are five to watch out for when it comes to your bill-paying process. 1. Fraudulent invoices Some companies will send marketing documents disguised as invoices to businesses. You may have to read the fine print to notice it’s not really
If revenue hasn’t come back as fast as you expected it to, it may be time to review your budget and determine if some planned expenses can be cut. Here are five places to look to do just that. 1. Travel Since most events have been moved online or cancelled altogether, you can likely redirect any money you’ve budgeted for travel this year to other more urgent expenses. And if you have prepaid these items,