Time is our most precious personal resource; once we’ve spent it, we’ll never get it back. As busy entrepreneurs, we seem to have less time than anyone else, so it just makes sense to look for ways to use our time wisely. Here is one technique that has worked for many. The Four D’s When you think about it, there are only four actions you can take against any one of the many tasks you
The 2021 holiday sales season will give businesses a chance to continue their online migration from 2020 trends, with opportunities for more refinement and improvements.  The key is to bring as much as possible online and integrate all of your customer touch points into an omnichannel of positive experiences. Let’s take a look at some trends in retail that we can apply to many other industries. These trends will strengthen our businesses and position us

Making Customers Pay… You

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  September 23, 2021
Category: Business Tips
If you grant credit to customers or take recurring credit card payments, the unexpected can happen: a customer fails to pay on time, the credit card expires, or the check bounces. What can a business owner do to spend as little time as possible on these items but get the cash collected?  Plenty.  Here are our ideas: Re-examine your credit policy Is there any way you can have credit customers pay up front? Perhaps you
While Net Profit and your cash balance are probably the first two numbers you look at on your monthly Profit and Loss Statement, don’t stop there.  There are a lot more gems you can glean if you dig a little deeper and look through the following six lenses at your data. Automation Opportunities Look at your labor detail reports as well as professional and outsourcing expenses to see what areas might be ripe for automating. 

Help Wanted: You Have Options!

Posted by Rayanne Buchianico on  August 26, 2021
Category: Business Tips
Many people have complained about the worker shortages this year. If you need additional workers in order to grow your business, here are some ideas for your consideration. Where to Look for Workers We may think of workers as only being employees, but there are a lot more options if you’re open-minded.  Here’s a list of places to find workers of all kinds: Recruiters Employment agencies Online job portals, such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter.