If you are looking for more content and training videos, you can find us in a number of locations.

Great Little Seminar

Join Rayanne in five-week intense learning courses with Great Little Seminar. The courses are designed for IT Professionals to make the most of their accounting system and maintain and use the management data it provides. We are presenting the following courses in 2015:

Financial Processes that Make all the Difference – Beginning June 2, 2015

Making the Most of QuickBooks – Beginning October 20, 2015


Tech Your Books – by Third Tier, LLC

Tech Your Books is designed for IT Professionals who need an expert to help with various technical issues. The Tech Your Books Department was created in 2015 for providing business, accounting, tax, and software-related business issues. If you have a small or large immediate need, contact us here! Open a ticket and you will be on your way to a quick resolution!


Odd Tuesdays bi-weekly podcast with Karl Palachuk

Hear all the latest news in technology. Each week has a special guest and an Oddball segment. Rayanne presents QuickBooks tips on her Oddball segments each month. Be sure to listen.



Bigger Brains Video Learning

Video training courses that won’t bore you to death! Bigger Brains offers unique video training on demand. Learn what you want, when you want. Rayanne is the QuickBooks teacher working with a learner. It is one-on-one training with real life business situations. Look for the QuickBooks Training Videos here.

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