Special Packages and Pricing

We are acutely aware that many people are wary of allowing others into their financial affairs. We have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure the privacy and protection of each client. We work closely with each client to employ only the services that fit their needs, budget and comfort level. All fees listed are monthly, unless otherwise stated. Each Full Service package can be customized to each client depending on their needs and budget.



Initial Setup Fee (once only) $ 350.00
Hosted QuickBooks file with full access $ 75.00
Hosted QuickBooks file without full access $ 40.00



Full Service Accounts Payable $ 250.00
  • Payments to Vendors – up to 50 per month
  • Job costing entries to QuickBooks
  • Enter and reconcile bank account transactions
  • Enter and reconcile credit cards
  • Annual Forms 1099 to subcontractors
  • Excessive transactions fee – over 200



Full Service Accounts Receivable $ 300.00
  • Billing Services – Pull Information and Prepare
  • QuickBooks Entries
  • Collection Calls and Letters
  • Payment Acceptance, Deposits, Payment Entries
  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance and Recurring Charges *
  • Excessive transactions fee – over 100
*Plus a 3% merchant fee for each transaction



Full Service Accounting and Taxes $ 350.00
  • Monthly Balance Sheet, P&L, Graphs
  • Monthly management consultation (20-30 minutes)
  • Capital assets, depreciation & amortization
  • Quarterly income tax projection
  • Corporate (1120) or Partnership (1065) Tax Return
  • Owners Individual Income Tax Return (1040)




Initial Setup Fee (once only) $ 250.00



Full Service Payroll Services – First 5 employees $ 175.00
  • Bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll processing
  • Direct Deposit of payroll checks
  • Paper checks with overnight delivery
  • Monthly & quarterly tax reporting and payment
  • Annual reporting, including Forms W-2
  • Garnishment, insurance and contributions management
  • SIMPLE, SEP & other non-reportable Retirement Plans
  • 401(k), 403(b) and Annual Form 5500 Plans
  • Additional employees (per employee)



Full Service Sales Tax & Miscellaneous Services $ 150.00
  • Analyze retail sales v. service from client’s system
  • QuickBooks entries
  • Monthly or quarterly sales tax reporting
  • Annual corporate registration with state*
  • Other state company requirements as needed
*Additional filing fees may apply depending on your state