On the heels of last week’s post regarding stress, I began to wonder if our excuses are sometimes the cause of stress. Last week, I sat in a webinar that really spoke to me on a number of levels. If you missed Karl Palachuk’s webinar on a Total Consulting Makeover, you can listen to it here: http://unbouncepages.com/the-total-consulting-make-over-jan-24-20/

Sometimes certain material comes your way just at the perfect time. I think the timing on this webinar was impeccable. It was exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it. One particular point stood out, and I have heard this line numerous times from Stuart Selbst, Karl, and even from my own mouth. “You need to get out of your own way and stop making excuses.” I can easily recognize excuses in other people. Can’t you? You hear someone tell you a million reasons why they can’t do something, or why this bad thing happened, or they would have done “xxx” if it wasn’t for “yyy.”

Is it possible that we don’t recognize our own excuses as exactly that? We truly believe these obstacles exist in our lives even though others see them as just another reason not to ___ (fill in the blank). Do we create these excuses because we really do not WANT what we say we want? Maybe we want SOME of it, but not enough to actually go out and get it.

I know when I set my sight on something, I find a way to get it. Very few things get in the way of something I want. I simply don’t allow it. I lived a long time in a life that was for everyone else but me. It is no wonder I didn’t prosper or succeed, my heart wasn’t in it. Depression soon followed, and why wouldn’t it? I was sleep-walking through life.

The first thing I had to do was to stop caring what others thought of me. I don’t mean to send you up a ladder kicking every grandmother and small child on your way. I mean, be a good person, but stop catering to all the needs of others before catering to yourself. Once you have yourself set up, it is much easier to help others.

Step 2, be honest about what you want. Do you really want an IT business or do you just want someone to pay you money for having one? If you want the business, you will have to work for it…consistently. But you have to WANT to do the work.  Do you really want that job or do you just want the paycheck and the ability to tell your friends that you are employed?  If the latter is true, then you will find every excuse in the world not to go to the job. You are not being honest with yourself, but your actions will display the truth whether you want them to or not.

Stop making excuses. There is never enough money to have a baby, but people still have them. And guess what, they find a way to make it work. Get over your fear of money and of failure. If you took a major plunge, what is the worst that can happen? Define the absolute worst-case scenario. How likely is it that you would allow that to happen? If your fear is of failure, you can try something and you may fail, but you may succeed. If you do not try, you are guaranteed to fail.

So, get out of your own way. Find out what you really want in life and get it. You will know what your passion is because you will look forward to each new day instead of dragging your feet and grumbling all the way to the coffee pot.